eahfcctmydjatmu is more than just an acronym

We are the offspring and relations to that brave intrepid Naval Aviator who brought the term into existence. We salute his service. We try to live life responsibly. We seek liberty and happiness, with a minimum of hassle, flirting with what Marcus Aurelius might call “The Good Life.”

We wish you well. May you be happy, safe, healthy, and living a life with a just a little bit of EAHFCCTMYDJATMU.

Because we all need a little bit of it. How else would we know we’re human? What would we laugh at? Life without adversity is hardly a life.

Dave and Ann Poe

Head Honchos

Take a look sports fans. These are two of the greatest parents ever. Why? Because they modelled resilience in the face of adversity. They did it with smarts, hard work, self-awareness… and this is our favorite part… a sense of humor, irony, and a healthy dollop of the subversive. We stand on the shoulders of giants. Thanks mom & dad for showing us that EAHFCCTMYDJATMU is part of the human condition, and dealing with it via “playing the game” is part of life.

Chris, Lisa and Matthew Poe

“We’ve Got Your Masks… Right Here”

The thing we’re most proud of is despite a cacophony of craziness in 2020, we’re managing to roll with the punches. The silly faces we make are a testament to taking what we do seriously, but not ourselves too seriously. Chris is particularly proud of Lisa’s growing business acumen and self-confidence, and of Matt’s continued acquisition of life skills and maturity.

David, Liz and Thomas P. Jackson

“What Antlers?”

Dave is the “Stealth Bomber” of humor; you’re not aware he’s loitering until after the humor bomb goes off. Liz is the perfect foil to Chris when it comes to riffing on a humor theme and is the best sister EVAH. We love the man that young Thomas is becoming. Keep it up gang. We love you!

How You Can Help

These things tend to be self-selective. Start using the expression with your friends and neighbors who have some self awareness and understand that proactivity is not really about planning ahead, it’s about being the master of your reactions to various stimuli (particularly the hassle laden ones).

Decline the invitation either to someone else’s drama or preference to make decisions based on dogma instead of evidence.

Above all, try to laugh at it. Particularly in 2020, a Sisyphean Rock of Absurdity if ever there was one.