Pronounced “Yah Fished Muh Joht Moo”.

  1. Navy-speak for “Extra Added Harassment Factor Carefully Calculated to Make Your Day Just a Tad More Unpleasant.”
  2. Acronym referring to above.
  3. Appropriate Label for the entirety of 2020.

This site is dedicated to the incessant hassles of daily life.


Are you the first to face harassment factor? Nay nay.

In 2020

Every generation faces historic challenges. As if you didn’t know, 2020 was a legendary drag.

Common Sources

Where to watch out for life’s never ending hassles

idea-strategy Implementation

Only one thing separates humans from our primate ancestors. The power to choose.

How You Can Help

These things tend to be self-selective. Start using the expression with your friends and neighbors who have some self awareness and understand that proactivity is not really about planning ahead, it’s about being the master of your reactions to various stimuli (particularly the hassle laden ones).

Decline the invitation either to someone else’s drama or preference to make decisions based on dogma instead of evidence.

Above all, try to laugh at it. Particularly in 2020, a Sisyphean Rock of Absurdity if ever there was one.